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Workforce management (WFM) is an important aspect of managing the work and people of an organization. It enables organizations to gain insights into estimating the workforce needed for a particular job, while also tracking employee performance. Currently WFM is looking to build workplaces that are collaborative, have a good employee engagement, has incorporated Self-service Modules, AI, Integrations of WFM Apps and Stress-free work environment etc.

TechM WFM Expertise

TechM is an expert in Handling and supporting 46,500+ FTEs with POCs at different sites and have 28 delivery centres worldwide which support voice, email, chat & back-office and a Strong experience in all major WFM platforms like IEX, Aspect, Verint, all this supporting to the fact that we do more than 550+ million transactions annually.

Deployment Methodology-
The 4D Approach

Defining of the scope of work.

Analysis and diagnosis of opportunities, while contracts are analyzed.

Designing and operating terms of state model are identified and implemented (within timelines).

Implementations in place, results measured with a final assessment for model modification if required.

Our Solutions

Tech Mahindra supports Front, Middle and Back office by using its tools of:

Transactional WFM

Responsible for effective execution of the plan, real time management in case of deviations and optimum utilization of workforce.

Strategic WFM

Responsible for choosing right people at the right time with right skills, meeting SLAs, optimizing utilization of workforce and optimizing costs of operations, to name a few.

WFM Consulting

We provide best in class WFM Processes while standardizing WFM Processes.

WFM Insights & Analytics

With measures such as effective reporting of performance, key Insights into business and leadership, proactive alerts to facilitate corrective & preventive actions and inferential information to drive action plans, we make sure we enhance our support and services in the best way possible.

Framework – Intra Day Management


WFM NXT by TechM is all about transformation in improving the working of companies. WFM NXT enhances People, Performance and Profitability and can be enabled by Technology, Process and People.

Technology will be at The Edge to help facilitate Workforce Management tool to Plan, Schedule & Monitor workforce enablement from anywhere. While speech & text analytics will be in place to improve customer service, multi-lingual support technology and efficient knowledge management will be there to eliminate detailed process specific training.

Process will be used to redefine work-rules, which can then be deployed by using TechM BPS WFM tool across all engagements, while having work from anywhere models and hiring post approvals from WFM.

People functioning as the Go-Getters to be made responsible for getting sponsorship from leadership for acceptance of a centralized WFM structure.

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