Automate Intelligently

Customer experience is critical but underserved by technology. The most common challenges faced by Contact Centres are:

  • Higher Average Handling Time (AHT)
  • Effort-intensive operations
  • Error-prone processing
  • Higher operation costs
  • Bad customer experience

This is where robots come into picture. Robots can mimic human action, in processes with precision and reliability that exceeds human capability. These robots are deployed on typical "robotic" jobs that are manual, repetitive, data & time-intensive, but based on business rules.

How Does Uno Work?

UNO is Tech Mahindra's Robotic Process Automation solution, which helps manage CCO operations effectively and efficiently in back and front office scenarios, thereby improving average handling time and customer experience. Some of the key features of UNO are:

  • Combined capability of robotic process automation (RPA) and desktop unification
  • Suitable for front office as well as back office operations
  • Does not require integration with IT stack
  • Faster and error-free execution of tasks
  • Shorter cycle time to deploy, compared to IT-driven automation
  • Doesn't require any process changes

UNO is part of Tech Mahindra's CareXa framework, a customer experience framework. UNO improves efficiency by targeting faster and more accurate issue resolution resulting in improved customer experience and lower costs.

Why TechM BPS?

Reduction in Average Handling Time by 20 to 30% Increase in productivity by 20% to 30% Enhance customer experience
Complete automation of repetitive tasks and partial automations for cognitive input requirements Non-intrusive and highly secure tool which doesn’t need any integration with IT systems Graphical automation designer for rapid roll out

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