With time, every process becomes prone to Friction, slowing down the processes and impacting business performance. Some signs of an aging ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are Negative Working Capital Impact, Low Productivity and Compliance Risk.

TechM has built a strong alignment and capabilities with Celonis IBC. This webinar is to demonstrate the Celonis powered Enterprise Performance acceleration to our clients and prospects.

Key features of Celonis enabled Process Mining are:

Seamless and non-intrusive connect with client’s processes and systems

Discover process deviations and the root causes

Use AI-powered tools to take action on your data-driven insights

Monitor the impact of process optimization strategies

Benefits from Celonis enabled Process Mining are:

Productivity increase by 20 - 30%

Accelerated approach to driving digital transformation and automation

Improvement in EBITDA by 10 - 15%

Better visibility and governance across the entire process value chain

How does the Partnership Work?

Tech Mahindra and Celonis have joined hands to offer clients the best of both worlds. While on one hand Celonis brings proficient Process Mining technology, Tech Mahindra on the other hand delivers excellent Digital Customer Management and Consulting to drive a Managed Services construct for clients.

Process mining and transformation powered by Celonis




Rahul Agarwal

Enterprise Consultant,
Digital Process Mining CoE


Sribash Paul

Business consultant,
Digital Process Mining CoE


Nicholas Day

Solution Engineer,
Celonis UKI

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July 29th, 2020 | IST – 08:00 pm

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