End-to-end Framework for Business Process Automation

The Need

Labor Intensive

Human intervention for ticket/incident resolution leads to higher cycle time and affects customer satisfaction.

Highly Repetitive Events

High level of incident repetition in operations.

High Cost of Operations

Amidst continuous budget cuts and pressure to improve performance, keeping service processes effective and under cost control is a challenge. The labor intensive nature of operations also results in higher cost. Pressure to continuously improve performance also results in human resource issues.

Prone to Human Error

Due to the nature of repetition coupled with high volume, business operations are usually prone to human error, leading to increased resolution time and lack of efficiency.

How does TACTiX Work?

Incident Origin

  • Incident originates and gets logged in the Ticketing system
  • Incident data is in turn fed into the TACTiX system simultaneously


TACTiX triggers its AI component and performs the following:

  • Automatically categorizes incidents based on NLP algorithms and machine learning
  • Crawls through all knowledge repositories available
  • Arrives at exact resolution match or recommendation based on learning history and past system feedbacks


  • Support personnel is presented with top-matching recommendations and automation possibility along with related categories, root cause, and SOP

Resolution, Feedback Capture, and Automation

  • Post resolution, support personnel can schedule automated resolutions for similar incidents in the future and define the threshold for automation trigger depending on incident criticality
  • In case of automated resolution pathways, the system seamlessly integrates with other automation orchestration tools to resolve incidents from log to status capture and feedback

Proactive Incident Management

  • By integrating TACTiX with Operational Analytics engines, automation can also be trigged proactively ahead of incident occurrence based on trigger parameters and predictive analytics

Platform Highlights

  • Non-intrusive and works with existing systems
  • Continuously learns and improves outcomes
  • Uses multiple feedback and knowledge systems to continuously evolve and improve
  • NLP, machine learning, and text analytics to enable better decision making over time
  • Technology agnostic, plug-and-play framework for easy integration and quick set up
  • The AI engine can be trained quickly with minimum effort

Why TechM BPS?

Improved operation metrics and KPIs: Reduced mean time for overall diagnosis and repair. Increased customer satisfaction: Reduced SLA violations and reduced occurrence of prevalent failure types. Lower operations cost: AI integration with service fulfilment and ticketing systems facilitates both reactive and proactive operation management. Over time, the evolved AI engine can also replace traditional SOP tools.
Higher utilization: Existing resources can be freed up from repetitive tasks for value added activities. Improved agility, speed, and ability: Businesses can deal with changing customer requirements and market dynamics quickly without suffering operational setbacks.
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