Know Your Customer

Social Media marketing is increasingly becoming a preferred marketing medium across industries. Businesses are also looking at innovative ways to leverage social media to offer services to their customers. Customer service is one of the most preferred processes to move to social media with prominent benefits such as:

  • Customer Experience Enhancement
  • Increase in Revenues
  • Increase in Customer base
  • Cost Reduction

How Does SOCIO Work?

SOCIO is a 360o solution for social media management. It manages social media channels, provides insights, and helps build your brand presence across social channels. Our Social Media Command Center (SMCC) provides end-to-end social media services including:

  • Workflow Management
  • Integrated Lead Management
  • Integrated Campaign Management
  • Capability Across Channels and Track All Posts (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)
  • Expert Social Media Analytics Services and Engagement Services

Why TechM BPS?

Gain business insights from Social Data Better customer relationship Direct monetization
Low cost, targeted campaigns for wider reach Improve brand image and
reduce brand damage through instant crisis management
TechMBPS RPA – Pillars of Success:

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