Data is an Asset

Studies show that while the last decade was marked by data generation through smartphones and social media, the next decade will be led by embedded devices along with smartphones.

Forward-thinking organizations have realized that to facilitate and intelligently consume this blizzard of data, they require advanced and ground-breaking methods. With myriad of technologies and tools available today, the exercise of what to choose, becomes challenging for organizations.

  • 24x7 monitoring through Central Command Center, to ensure operational excellence
  • Faster outcomes with low infrastructure investment and better ROI
  • Top-notch data security and infrastructure readiness
  • Flexibility to ramp-up or ramp-down operations at any point of time

We deliver the key expectations of client:


Analytics-powered Solutions and Approach

Technology focused offerings with focus on enabling our clients to become Insights Powered Driven Enterprises.

Using some of the latest technologies & Platforms (PRISM, CareXa, MDS & more) With an intention to drive value with ‘Cultivating Intricate Analytics’ theme.


Business focused offerings with specialized focused use-cases for our Retail, Communications, Financial, Resources & Healthcare clients.

Focus is to deliver business value harvesting our experiences, domain knowledge and Platforms.


Business Offerings

Companies across industries want to take advantage of Analytics technologies. They have been exploring the possibilities to apply analytics to various processes, but struggle when it comes to implementation. See how TechM BPS can help you get started with customized solutions and further scale up to meet the new requirements.

Horizontal Analytics

Purchase, Supply Chain, and Marketing are great place to use analytics tools to gain a competitive advantage. These are complex processes and have a prominent role in any company. These processes may appear simple compared to other parts of your business, but they are not. You can always do better by digging deeper into data and gauge predictive insights.

Marketing Analytics

Measure and analyse the performance of each dollar you spend on digital marketing initiatives to maximize your brand’s reach.


Supply Chain Analytics

Lean supply chain is the way to go. Time to get smart and override challenges that come with rising fuel costs, global recession, smaller supplier base, and increased competition.

Spend Analytics

It is time to start looking at what you can do with all the spend data you have from accounts payable team, purchase order team, etc.


Technology Offerings

Data analytics has become an imperative for enterprise IT systems. Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, and Big data — the tools and technologies for analyzing trillions of bytes of data are expanding at a rapid pace. Organizations needs to be on top of latest trends in analytics, strategize and implement technology to gain deep insights into customer behavior, identify revenue opportunities, and up systems performance.