Want to optimize premiums, identify fraud claims, predict retention, and do so much more to increase their top line and strengthen their bottom line and achieve other benefits such as:

  • Micro customer segmentation for more effective market campaigns
  • Better cross sell
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Improve customer profitability, satisfaction, loyalty and retention
  • Lower campaign and infrastructure costs
  • Right offer for the right customer

If you have not already thought about adopting digital technologies, here are some fast facts about the industry and its players:

30% of insurers worldwide have already implemented AI based cognitive customer experience solutions

10% of GI carriers have already started implementing IoT-based analytics and processing platforms

30% of the insurance companies are block chain ready

Globally 24% of insurance -tech ventures are looking at innovating their offering

Group business to see further growth of ~10% due to growth in other sectors and in public sector

The TechM BPS Edge

Why TechM BPS?

Our niche services and cognitive customer service frameworks are transforming insurance processes to maximize customer acquisition and fueling growth across retail and group insurance companies to: