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Master Data Management

Raj Kumar Seth, April 2019

We all know and agree with the fact that data is a crucial asset or perhaps the most crucial asset for a business. But is simply gathering and storing data enough? The answer is NO. Data becomes a key decision maker only when it is available for timely retrieval in a functional way. This is where Master Data Management (MDM) comes into play. Let us take a hypothetical business situation to gauge just how crucial MDM is.

Suppose an enterprise, operating in 18 countries, is planning to expand into more geologies...


The Next Wave in Intelligent Document Processing

Ashish Prajapati, February 2019

Digital document repositories and paperless business pursuits have amplified the requirements of IT systems to be able to extract and store data fields, machine generated and hand written text and similar such items like scanned documents. No doubt, these systems make us more efficient, organized and save time in data retrieval. Despite this, the challenges pertaining to accuracy cannot be undermined.

In parallel, we have a world where RPA (Robotics Process Automation) is gathering critical mass...


Collaboration: Key to a successful knowledge management function

Nikhil Katyal, February 2019

Virtues of collaboration are well known and well realized. Good collaborations have won wars and brought major breakthroughs in different fields. The same stands true for the benefits that can be achieved in effective gathering and dissemination of organizational knowledge.

Is the organizational knowledge being adequately captured and not lost with employee turnover? Is the correct knowledge being documented for the use of the organization? How scattered is the knowledge? Are employees adopting...