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Most businesses and services today are in dire need to align their people, processes and systems together. With the onslaught of digitalization, products and services are driving each other, ‘together’, creating a need for transformation. The need of the hour is to have a holistic end-to-end transformation solution, which can be addressed using new business models, delivery models and information based services in real time.

TechM BPS – Transforming the
Future of Businesses

Our years of expertise and recognized methodologies have given us the repute of being a leading global transformation catalyst. We have proven our mettle in multiple industries including Telecom, BFSI (Banking – Financial Services and Insurance), Retail, Technology and HLS (Healthcare and Life Sciences). Our list of services is exhaustive, but here are some of the major ones.

Next Gen Service Desk – Service Offerings


In this era of DIY, customers need something more than just troubleshooting or technician visits. They need an experience, which is personalized, fast and easily available. Our Next Gen Service Desk Solutions offer superior User Experience Management by bringing together the best of AI, Automation, Analytics and Platforms. The advanced solutions are made available across multiple digital channels, 24/7.

Sales and Marketing Operations


Today, buyers dictate the market. With the advent of digitalization, customers have become more demanding, tech savvy and definitely smarter. Relying on traditional channels to place a product/service amidst this heavily targeted pool can prove to be a mistake. Replace traditional with digital, and assumptions with insights. Get the max from your marketing and sales operations with our elaborative services.

Telecom Expense Management Offering


TEM stands as a huge market and is expected to generate $4 Billion by 2023. Despite the huge potential for disruption, it was being dominated by only a handful of global tech giants. It was only in FY’18 that these biggies got a fierce competitor in the form of TechM BPS. Adopting the SWIM profile with our technology partner MDSL, we have strongly proven our credibility in this area.

SCM Business Process Support Services

TechM BPS goes beyond the traditional Supply Chain Management practices and offers solutions that are adept for the technologically advancing business landscape. Our Future Ready solutions cut through every process that directly or indirectly influences product manufacturing and tightly knits them in a cost effective, organized and trackable way. Our SCM finds applications in:


Digitized Supply Chain

With the world going digital, it is high time that the SCM practices too, get digitized. We are amongst the few solution providers who have replaced the old Point-To-Point model with a more advanced Network model. We offer a one of its kind – Completely Autonomous Network Model which means that bots embedded within the execution layer run the supply network without any human intervention and errors. Such a network model offers Real Time Network Visibility, Optimized Execution and Integrated Business Planning.

Customer Experience Transformation

Customer Experience stands as one of the primary differentiators for a brand. With customers getting more power and having taken on the role of a decision maker, brands need to up their game and become more relevant. The need of the hour is to have a multi-channel presence, round the clock availability and real time solutions. We plan to enhance customer experience by using our Demonstrable Framework given below:


In addition to our proven framework, we have a bunch of other services, that amplify CX efforts either individually or as part of the solutioning group. Some of these are:

Knowledge Management as a Service: Bringing Right knowledge, to the right place, at the right time to the right people for providing just the right CX.

Digital Workforce Management: Our Digital WFM solutions offer speech and text analytics, automated reporting, insights for proactive decision making and Outlier and Quad analysis. Together these assist in identifying pain areas and make necessary changes for a better CX. Other services under WFM include Forecasting and Planning Scheduling Real Time Management, Incident Management.

After Market Support: Our Aftermarket support includes Omni channel Response, Analytics, Test & Optimization, Auto Case Assignment, Commerce Platforms, Customer Service .Interaction Management. These services have consistently improved customer satisfaction and the overall experience.

After Sales Services

A customer’s journey does not end after the product or service is sold. In fact, from there on begins an association between a consumer and a brand that can become life-long is the consumer is handled well. Strong after sales services are therefore inevitable. Offering the necessary help whenever required in a hassle-free way should be the top priority. Our After Sales services cover Warranty, Spare parts, Inventory management and IoT services.

Warranty Management:

To manage Warranty, we streamline the return process while ensuring end-to-end warranty management. This improves KPI’s while measuring warranty processes and improves collaboration between Product Design and Services, overall improving workflows for Supplier cost recovery. Warranty Management delivers multiple benefits such as controlling product failure, reducing fraud claims, Improving Supplier Cost Recovery, Improving part/product tracking.

Dealer Management and Net Gen IoT:

Provides end-to-end dealer management system assistance to dealers for vehicles, service, financials, administration and parts, while IoT helps cover Fleet Knowledge and Fleet Control from service and parts information to fleet charge and maintenance.

Field service management:

To provide consumer experience continuity and service data continuity, the experience touch points need to be connected to a common platform, which is done by Tech Mahindra through enabling service function digitally.

With strong presence in transformation capabilities, Tech Mahindra is always stepping the game up by using advanced Digital Transformation Levers such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Consulting, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics

Other than the ones listed above, TechM has also has a unique weapon in the arsenal called Next GEN Partner Ecosystem, which has been developed to maintain stay relevant in digital world, organizations must consider to deploy BPaaS solutions to reduce capital expenditures enabled by our partner platforms.

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