We have all used GIS at some point in our lives, directly or indirectly, from cab aggregators to map navigation. However, GIS can be used to do much more than finding directions. Governments can analyse crimes, track emissions from volcanos, map and analyse land suitability for optimal farming and much more. Companies and governments trying to solve real-world problems and generate opportunities by leveraging GIS, need resources with expertise spanning cartography, systems administration, relational database management, programming, and spatial analytics.

Explore TechM BPS offerings in GIS Data Mapping and Analytics across sectors like Transportation, Telecom, Energy and Manufacturing.

Geospatial Data and Mapping Services

  • Outdoor Map Creation
  • Indoor Map Creation
  • Map Digitization and Updation

Spatial Analytics

  • Mapping Data Quality Analytics
  • Location Analytics
  • Pattern and Map Cluster Analytics

Horizontal Analytics





Why TechM BPS?

  • 100+ consultants on applications

  • 600+ associates on spatial data management

  • 75+ projects executed

  • 1350+ person years of experience

Our technology-driven, service-led approach delivers

Improved Quality

Well-defined processes and best-in-class quality standards, ensuring high-quality solutions

Reduced cycle time

Reusable and tested components reduce time on testing and development

Cost-effective solutions

Pre-built components and productivity improvement help us reduce effort and cost