DevOps in Contact Centers is breaking barriers between customer service disciplines and provides seamless transition to digital contact center channels, accelerating time to market, enhancing customer experience and improving quality. DevOps is focused on the following goals:

The TechM BPS Edge

At TechM BPS we understand how important it is for our customers to adapt to the dynamic customer preferences. However, it is always easy for a customer to adapt to incremental changes, rather than changing the system altogether. Our ADOPT methodology for DevOps helps deliver excellent and seamless customer experiences.

The Five Cs of our DevOps offering are:

  • Continuous Planning
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Monitoring and Feedback
  • Continuous Deployment

Key Offerings


Advisory services

Matruity assessment | Roadmap |Tool assessment | Change Management


Support Services

Test Environment Provisioning | Test Data Management | Maintenance of DevOps Tools, Training | Reporting


Implementation Services

Process Modeling | Solution Map Design and Roll Out | Use Case Development and Deployment


Process Optimization-as-a-Service

Hosting service| OPEX offeringfor a Software Licences | Advisory | Implementation| Support

Our Next-gen Customer Experience Management Framework

CareXa is Tech Mahindra’s next generation customer care solution, with agent virtualization, analytics, assisted interactions and digital channels. See this video to know more.