Are you looking to keep up with the digital wave and changing regulations? Reach out to professional consultants to identify the right opportunities, the common pitfalls, and the most crucial aspects you need to watch out for. We have delivered the following benefits through our consulting business values to our clients:

Optimized processes and significant reduction in employee overhead costs

Improved customer loyalty and brand stickiness

Designed and delivered target operating model to enable digital transformation

Improved process health and hygiene

RPA assessment to automate and transform operations

The Four Pillars of Consulting

Customer centricity is transforming the operating model of businesses worldwide. Customer experience management has become the fundamental pillar. Companies are hiring professional consultants to design their customer experience strategy and bring it to fruition. It is very important to systematically analyze every B2C interaction, examine customer feedback and sentiment, and then design an operating model best suited for enterprise products and services. To know more please click here.


Organizations often face challenges such as changing regulations, complex global operations, and risks due to uncertainties in varied business environments. It is important to navigate through these complexities while delivering stakeholder value in a sustainable way. Operational excellence, therefore, focuses on optimizing cost base and improving operational effectiveness. Our operational excellence approach helps clients focus on process improvement, ongoing business process management, and continuous improvement by focusing on the outcome. To know more please click here.

TechM BPS Risk, Compliance, and Governance practice supports our customers to navigate complex regulatory norms such as GDPR, e-privacy, ECC, etc. We are working closely with our customers to help them with risk monitoring, measurement, and mitigation strategies across their end-to-end value chains. Our governance framework is helping companies address complex and multi-year projects, managing multiple stakeholder needs. To know more please click here.


Automation, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence are revolutionizing the way organizations operate and the way they engage with their customers. As new technologies and practices come to light, organizations need a trusted partner to revisit their processes, reassess how technology intervention can impact their businesses and operations. We work with organizations to design, plan, prioritize, and deliver their business strategy in lieu of these disruptive technologies. To know more please click here.

Here’s a brief overview of the services we offer for Total Business Transformation!