Customer Experience

Customer Journey Mapping

With digital technologies disrupting engagement channels between brands and their customers, it is imperative for an organization to analyze the existing customer touch points and reimagine the customer journey.

Customer Centric Design thinking

Due to dynamic market conditions and frequently changing customer perceptions, organizations are looking to foster innovation and creativity whilst engaging with customers. Our customer-centric design thinking concepts enable organizations to increase the success rate of innovations.

Customer Behavior Study

TechM BPS helps organizations to conduct an in-depth assessment of the Current State via Speech Analytics, Text analytics, Predictive modeling through data analytics and Social Media Analytics, highlight gaps and share recommendations for improvement. This aids the organization to have a 360⁰ view of customer sentiment/ behavior.

Digital Customer Experience Assessment

Digital customer experience in itself is a powerful aspect any customer interaction. Clients have to check the overall customer experience in the context of digital touchpoints. Hence, we can look at individual experiences across digital touchpoints and interactions.

Customer Experience Management

TechMBPS consulting team’s digital maturity assessment framework gives a 360-degree insight into customer experience management. To add to it, we provide high-level recommendations to improve the performance of the team to serve customers better.