To recruit and retain good talent, companies need to offer a comprehensive benefits package. What if you could achieve the following results by optimizing your benefits administration process.




Changing compliance mandates


Extensive back-office work


Time management


Cost intensive - putting a strain on your bottom line


Increasing care costs

The TechM BPS Edge

With our extensive breadth and depth of domain capabilities we have delivered savings of $20M+ over 4years to our clients with signicant reduction in cost per participant.

Benefit Administration Capability


Key Drivers

Efficiency and Compliance

  • Robust quality model to achieve defect-free processing
  • Leverage Six Sigma expertise
  • W-2 reporting, manage complex compliances and FSA administration

Cost Efficiency in Administration

  • Maximize cost take-outs through a mixed-shore model
  • Six Sigma based process re-engineering and automation to reduce Y-o-Y costs
  • Guaranteed cost savings and gain-share models for health and benefits plans
  • Analytics-led cost benchmarking and ROI reporting

Employee Engagement

  • Implement employee self-service processes, web enrolment, plan comparison tools, etc.