Transform the entire Banking and Financial Services spectrum including retail banking, asset and wealth management, cards and payments, and corporate banking to achieve:

  • 40% reduction in average process execution time
  • 40% - 75% reduction in financial service cost
  • Bypass system integration challenge
  • 24/7 operations and up time
  • 15% increase in assets by designing unique offers for customers
  • Improve time-to-market by ~25%
  • Cut marketing cost by 20%

The Key Challenges


$60 Million/year average spent for KYC and customer due diligence

$ 300 Billion paid in fines by financial firms since 2010, towards violations of Bank Secrecy Act

$ 5.33 Billion in card fraud in the US, up by 14.5%

2 to 5 Errors per 100 tasks due to human interventions

The Key Challenges

Right from consulting to implementation to daily operations, we manage it all for our host of Banking and Finance clients.

  • Digital imaging (OCR/ICR): To extract text/numbers from images
  • Robotic Process Automation: To automate repetitive and rule-based tasks
  • Analytics: Can be deployed to create customized marketing campaigns and offer customized products and services
  • Reengineering: Eliminate variation in process and procedure, eliminate unnecessary paper, eliminate unproductive time
  • Blockchain: Identity Management, Contract Management, Transaction payments

Secure, Compliant, and Scalable Solutions for Asset and Wealth Management Industry


Transforming Retail Banks in the Age of Faceless Banking