Manufacturers need to create innovative packaging, reduce packaging errors, and ensure consistency to reduce product recalls, make storing and distribution easy, and attract end customers by adding a wow factor. What if you could also:


Increase productivity by at least 50%


Increase Right First Time to 99%


Reduce overhead costs by 46%


Reduce learning curve of artwork operators


Eliminate product recalls due to packaging/artwork errors


Achieve 14X faster RoI with cost saving of approximately $45 Million

Large companies have to deal with 10,000+ product packs and there is increased pressure to reduce time to market. So, a single recall can easily cost up to $5-7 Million. The reason being:

The TechM BPS Edge

  • 400+ FTEs
  • 8+ years of experience in packaging design
  • 80,000+ artworks created
  • Trained in all regulatory compliances: CSV, CFR, HIPAA, SOX
  • Multilingual capability: English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Polish
  • Expertise across major design tools: CAD, Adobe, Corel Draw, etc.

Our Offerings

Workflow Management Process

We own the complete Workflow management process:

  • Manage change requests and briefs between our design center, brand/product managers, and printers
  • Manage queries, analyze impact assessment data, check approved changes, and interface with the site pack technologists
  • Create technical guidelines and SOPs
  • Ensure KPI adherence and comprehensive risk management

Technology Systems

Our integrated technology system is based on:

  • Global, regional, and local Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Customized systems based on process maturity with:
  • Hosted, secure artwork, and packaging management
  • Integrated PLM or hosted solutions for local PLM
  • Workflow management or business process management integrated with regional PLM
  • Remote access solution to interface global PLM and our design center

Design and Editorial Services

  • Build specications and drawings
  • Create artworks for new and existing packs
  • Translate packaging content
  • Proofreading in multiple languages