The pace at which artificial intelligence is evolving is incredible. By learning each day, its performance is superseding what we expect from machines running on AI. In essence, what it does is: organize information, process it, and make life easy for us. It can help with complex computations, search for information, optimize processes, process various languages, and find better ways of doing things, all in a fraction of a second. With each instance it learns and becomes better.

What does this mean for the Contact Center industry?


The TechM BPS Edge

We have developed in-house platforms and invested in strong partnerships in the AI space to leverage machine learning for contact center operations of our clients.


TACTiX is TechM’s in-house AI platform. It automates business operations by providing actionable intelligence and insights. It also has built-in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning capabilities.


We will soon be working alongside machines to execute a lot of business tasks. So, we need to imbibe that change in our psyche and work towards an AI+iA future where iA is us doing the intelligent augmentation of machine.

How TACTiX helps you change faster and run better?

  • Improved operation metrics, KPIs, and up to 80% reduction in mean time for overall diagnosis and repair
  • Multiple feedback and knowledge systems to continuously evolve and improve call resolution
  • Improve recommendations using social intelligence and assist SMEs to resolve incidents rapidly
  • Lower operations cost: AI integration with service fulfilment and ticketing systems
  • Improved agility, speed, and ability
  • NLP, machine learning, and text analytics to enable better decision making over time

Key Features of Entellio:

  • Customizable platform connects with customers seamlessly and quickly
  • Trains the word vector model and is ready to be utilized within a couple of minutes
  • Learns its way through, as more and more intents get added and more conversations happen
  • Works seamlessly in-premise and on the cloud
  • Ability to support transactions on the mobile and can send a command to any connected/ IoT device
  • Self ranking of answers
  • Easy dashboards for users

Our Partners

Creative Virtual

Creative Virtual is a leader in self-service customer experience management solutions for enterprises. Their solutions can be deployed across mobile, web, and social media channels to deliver important information quickly and efficiently.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is a cutting-edge AI platform for businesses. It uncovers insights, engages in new ways, aids decision making with more confidence, and helps you work better.


Avaamo is a secure chatbot platform built for business users. It is HIPAA compliant, secure, and encrypted.

Our Next-gen Customer Experience Management Framework

CareXa is Tech Mahindra’s next generation customer care solution, with agent virtualization, analytics, assisted interactions and digital channels. See this video to know more.