Your Customer has Evolved, is Your Service Desk Keeping up?

Your service desk performance is a reflection of how much you, as a brand, value your customers. Right from connectivity to the various channels you offer to the quality of service, every parameter counts. As a service provider it is imperative that you deliver a seamless and personalized customer experience across channels. While delivering impeccable service it is also imperative for the service desk function to be cost effective.

The TechM BPS Edge

Our end-to-end capability and vast consulting experience gives us an edge when it comes to business process services. Our service desk capability covers a wide spectrum of people, processes, and industries. We provide complete life-cycle solutions required for Service Desk by leveraging Lean Six Sigma and ITIL best practices.

How we leverage Predictive Analytics platform to power our Service Desk offerings?

  • Predictive analytics platform provides business insights in a structured, optimized, accelerated, and lean way
  • Accelerator platform for predictive analytics with self-service as an add-on feature
  • Integrated with industry-relevant prebuilt KPI’s and advanced machine learning algorithms
  • Analytics as a Service

How we leverage our RPA expertise to make Service Desk operations more efficient?

  • Learn human behavior, natural language selection, and adapt to human sentiments and learn continually
  • Error-free handling and simulates human actions
  • Identify 90% of human needs and automate 60% of tasks

Key Drivers

  • In-house digital platforms and frameworks for analytics, automation, and customer management — Entellio, UNO, CareXa
  • Analytics offered as a Service – CAPEX to OPEX model
  • Optimization and lower incremental cost – leverage shared services pool of data scientists, data wranglers and domain experts
  • Authoring layer enables business users with self-service predictive analytics capability
  • Core statistical techniques and built-in algorithms, less dependency on high-end skills

Why TechM BPS?

  • Improve customer experience through integrated Global Service Desk
  • Elevate service quality and cost efficiency
  • Drive Shift-Left approach
  • Clearly defined processes based on ITIL V3
  • Reduces delivery time by 50%
  • Enable business users and data scientists with analytical assets
  • Simple features, optimized operations, and accelerated delivery

Transformed Service Desk Operations

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