Transforming Retail Businesses and Delivering Excellence

Our research says:

Traditional retail operations continue to be disrupted by technologies and changing customer behavior. With the ever-increasing complexities in retail operations and consumer polarization - retail organizations are now moving towards technology innovations to reduce their SG & A (Selling, General and Administrative) costs.

Retailers are seeking to go online and streamline processes while tracking their inventory and movement of goods in real time - making retail business and technology inseparable.

Key challenges include:
  • Increasing digital customer base
  • High cost of in-store operations
  • Gain foothold in new markets
  • Customized solutions/offers for customers
  • Easily accessible and usable GUI
  • Better real-time tracking management

This is where the right outsourcing partner can make a difference.

The Tech Mahindra BPS Edge

Tech Mahindra's Business Process Services (BPS) has over 15+ years of experience supporting Retail clients in North America and Europe. We have supported our customers with transformational next-gen tools such as CareXa that puts customer experience at the core of operations and SOCIO for social media analytics and insights.

Our Business Process Management Consulting Group offers customized services, spanning the full life cycle, encompassing customer service, technical help desk, website management, master data management, finance and accounting, supply chain management, digital operations, analytics and reporting, RPA and real-time tracking.

How we transform Contact Center operations for our clients?

1. Demand reduction - reduce contacts and workload by:
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Process re-engineering
  • Digital channel and social media
  • Universal agent strategy
  • Self help – IVR, VIVR, Chatbots
2. Cost for quality approach:
  • Scalable global support model
  • Skin in game approach with service commitments
3. Continuous improvement for customer experience:
  • Enhance Quality, Training, WFM/Reporting and Analytics to plan and deliver value to customers
4. Sales - Transition from cost center to revenue center:
  • Feedback management
  • Churn/retention management
  • Fraud management
  • Billing management
  • Campaign management

Why TechM BPS?

  • Delivered peak staffing flexibility of 400% with less than 3% impact on handling time and transfers and 1% impact on CSAT
  • Processing over 15+ million transactions annually with a healthy mix of voice, e-mail, chat, data entry and social media
  • IT + Platform led solutions to transform client's digital journey - Universal agents, Multi-channel and Cross-channel synergy, Platforms and Tech solutions

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