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Constantly evolving technology, increasing consumer demands and a highly competitive market have created challenges for telecom enterprises, thus affecting operations.

Tech Mahindra BPS understands the Telecommunications industry for more than 25 years. We know the pressures, demands, regulations and innovations in the industry.

Some key business challenges are:

  • Sustaining profits in a highly competitive market
  • Keeping pace with continuously evolving technology and business models
  • Introduction of new portfolios and faster time to market
  • Creating reliable and optimized networks
  • Improving customer experience and customer retention
Tech Mahindra BPS delivers services across the entire customer value chain from Customer Acquisition to In-Life solutions to Retention services. Additionally, our services offerings, such as Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Enterprise Support and Strategic Management enable us to service enterprise functions. The consulting layer provides support around business process analysis and design and other supporting interventions, such as training etc.

Our top 10 telecom service offerings are:

  • Customer service (order management)
  • Project management
  • Technical help desk and support
  • Service provisioning and activation
  • Data cleansing and migration
  • Enterprise finance, accounting and revenue assurance
  • Enterprise contract management
  • Enterprise billing and interconnect
  • Social media Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Internal service and field dispatch desk

Our Offerings cover e2e Telco lifecycle

Tech Mahindra BPS, being part of the leading global systems integrator and business transformation consulting organization, has a very strong focus on the Telecommunications industry. Its best in class delivery model has the proven ability to improve customer service experience using our Next Generation Contact Center Framework. For Tech Mahindra the motto is achieving world-class standards in everything we do, setting new benchmarks of excellence and conquering tough global markets.

  • Operational Excellence
    • Six Sigma and LEAN led engagements
    • Better risk assessment and execution
  • In depth Telecom domain capabilities
    • Over 20 years of experience working in telecommunication industry, from Greenfields to legacy telecommunication organizations
    • Leveraging best practices
  • BPO plus BPM: Process led transformation
    • Integrated BPM approach to process transformation
    • Impacting key metrics, such as NPS, TAT and FCR
  • Technology as a multiplier
    • Platform-based offerings
    • Transformational benefits through end-to-end ownership
  • Innovative and business metrics linked commercial models
    • Business Process as a Service
    • Transaction based and outcome based models
    • Predictable operational expenditure (Opex) models

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