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Service Desk / Tech Support

Today the IT service desk costs are increasing rapidly due to the following reasons:

  • Larger role of IT in mission critical processes
  • Increasing variety of end user devices and applications
  • Increasing complexity of mission critical processes and applications
  • Multi-lingual and cross-geography business expansion for 24x7 support

Also, there is another set of challenges such as:

  • High costs of ownership
  • Lack of access to world class facilities and skilled resources
  • Higher attrition at Level 1 for service desk
  • Difficulty in coordinating between different support groups
  • Lack of service and continuous improvement
  • Rapid technology transformations
  • Inability to match up to competitive advantage

Our comprehensive Service Desk / Tech Support solution has been built through careful accumulation of years of experience.

Overview – Service Desk

Overview – Tech Desk

Our Business model is devised to help our customers scale.

Our cluster strategy enables efficient service delivery while enabling effective governance. Through our global footprint, we provide both near-shore and off-shore delivery centers thus enabling support for multiple languages. Our training infrastructure is best in class, enabling high employee retention. We stress on cultural and strategic alignment of our staff with the customers' organization.

We have developed a proprietary transition framework that starts with diagnostics to help identify the optimal path and activity set. We have the right experience and relevant partnerships to drive IT Service Management (ITSM) service standardization. Our robust Knowledge Engineering process coupled with Knowledge Management forms the core of our focus on Shift Left. Our 360 feedback is an integral part of continuous improvement to identify, recommend and deploy service-level strategies.

We leverage MSAP, our proprietary tool, to facilitate proactive maintenance and fix issues at point of generation. We have multiple years of experience in implementing Remedy for customers, which gives us an edge to provide Remedy 7.6 on Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

We have top notch hardware with significant redundancy to support our service desk operations.

Our Change Management framework is well suited to drive success in complex environments. Our over-arching governance framework ensures alignment to common goals while operating with co-vendors. We have a well defined account management structure to ensure optimal governance.

We have in place comprehensive risk management policies to ensure that we are prepared for any untoward incident. Our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR) processes ensure that we are prepared to handle most eventualities and will continue to provide seamless delivery.

  • End user delight is our prime objective
  • Standardization and continuous improvement or Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) adoption:
    • Cross-Geo / Business Units / Asset Class standardization to reduce complexity
  • Shift Left: Move incident resolution closer to the end user:
    • Focus on self help, advanced L1 offerings to reduce contacts with costlier L1, L2 resources respectively
  • Shift Remote and Channel: From more expensive voice to lower cost email, web-forms and chat:
    • Focus on resolving end user issues remotely through L1.5 or offshore L2 vs. onsite
    • Movement to web or email or chat channels

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