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Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • Leveraging a new generation Health Information Technology
  • Curing reductions in revenue and enhancing cash flow
  • Delivering quality patient care at an affordable cost
  • Physician alignment and service line strategies
  • Minimizing risk and reducing cost of regulatory compliance
  • Leveraging new science for making sense of personalized medicine
  • Exploring mergers and acquisitions to improve financial performance
  • Managing privacy and security issues
  • Leveraging the role of Social Media

Tech Mahindra BPS is committed to transforming the efficiency of healthcare delivery. Partnering with healthcare provider companies, we offer innovative and comprehensive IT solutions for healthcare and healthcare consulting agencies comprising physicians, hospitals, ancillary facilities, clinics, governmental health bodies, and public health and research organizations.

Tech Mahindra BPS currently supports 29 customers and processes. We combine our Healthcare and Life Sciences expertise with revenue cycle, clinical transformation, and IT experience to deliver result-oriented services. Our approach encompasses the accountability for every aspect of healthcare business office, including and not limited to the following areas of operations:

  • Medical coding
  • Cashiering and posting
  • Call center activities
  • Insurance verification and authorization
  • Patient collections
  • Denial management
  • Government compliance

Tech Mahindra BPS is uniquely positioned to drive transformational change across the entire Life Sciences value chain for its customers. We set ourselves apart from our competitors, by providing integrated end-to-end Life Sciences solutions, right from strategic consulting to delivery.

Tech Mahindra BPS's Life Sciences Practice offers a wide range of innovative solutions for effectively managing drug discovery and development processes. Our objective is to enable and enhance the drug discovery and development cycle by improving productivity while reducing the cost and time-to-market through Life Sciences Consulting Services and Solutions.

  • CDM

    Our Clinical Data Management (CDM) offers complete data management solutions for Life Sciences customers to conduct trial studies and accelerate the process while ensuring regulatory compliance to current Good Clinical Practice (cGCP).
  • Safety Narrative Writing

    We provide services, such as Quality Check, Training SOPs and Delivery Plan for 100 percent accuracy of narratives.
  • Pharmacovigilance

    Our pharmacovigilance solution helps Life Sciences organization detect safety signals early on and mitigate risks.
  • Adverse Events Reporting, Monitoring and Assessment

    We help Life Sciences organizations capture adverse events from various sources, assess them, generate and submit reports to regulatory authorities
  • Product Support

  • Medical Content Management

Our Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution offerings help customers benefit from IT-enabled services through Agility, Operational Excellence and Kaizen. Our rich SCM expertise provides solutions in Advanced Supply Chain Planning, Advanced Procurement and Sourcing Solutions, Order Management, Advanced Pricing Solutions, Mobile Supply Chain and Warehouse Management.

  • Strategic Procurement

    Strategic procurement helps customers save significant costs through advanced planning, scheduling and group buying initiatives.
  • Supplier Collaboration

    We help buyers and suppliers with a Web-based collaborative tool that helps customers get real-time access to transactions and other key info.
  • Contract Management

    Contact Management customers systematically and efficiently manage contract creation, execution, and analysis for maximum financial and operational efficiency.
  • Packaging Artwork and Design

    Packaging artwork and design helps customers achieve substantial cost savings while complying with regulatory norms and providing multilingual support.

Leveraging extensive technical experience and rich knowledge of the Life Sciences industry, we deliver services that enable Life Sciences organization to improve the sales and marketing processes.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    We help customers manage contacts, accounts, opportunities, activities, marketing, customer support, and many other sales and service-related processes.
  • Distribution and Logistics Support

    We help customers manage the flow of products, information and other resources between the point of origin and the point of consumption. The service involves integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, packaging and security.
  • Health Economics

    We help customers deal with issues related to scarcity in the allocation of health and healthcare. The service studies the functioning of the health care system and the private and social causes of health-affecting behaviors.
  • Market Analysis/ Competitive Intelligence

    We have created a central knowledge service portal for UK-based Pharmaceutical major. The portal features a dashboard profiling competition, new drugs and applications, therapies and products, patents, industry analysis data that achieved cost savings to the tune of $2 million per month by eliminating redundant data.
  • Customer and Consumer Servicing

  • Sales Force Support

Companies in the Life Sciences space have realized that investing in productivity improvements yield more benefits in the long-term as opposed to near-term cost savings.Tech Mahindra BPS recognizes this need to improve efficiencies across corporate administrative processes including corporate finance, budgeting, human resources, travel and expense management.

  • Financial Reporting and Accounting

    We help customers give greater attention to the financial accounting and reporting, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of financial resources.
  • Accounts Payables/ Receivables

    We help businesses record sales and related information.
  • Business Analysis

    We help customers improve the productivity and efficiency by analyzing data and quickly uncovering hidden opportunities and risks in the operations.
  • Travel and Entertainment (T&E) Expense Management

  • Payroll/ Benefit Accounting

  • IT and Application Helpdesks

Our Healthcare BPO helps healthcare providers increase physician practice performance and align clinical and administrative strategies while improving the quality of care for patients. The services can enhance revenue cycle performance, support a paperless practice and transform clinical processes.

Healthcare BPO enables hospital-affiliated physician groups and medical centers to achieve predictable, sustainable results and overall performance improvement.

Our Healthcare Provider Practice serves:

  • 2 of the top 5 global pharmaceutical companies
  • 2 of the top 10 biotech companies
  • 3 of the top 10 medical device companies
  • 3 of the top 5 US health insurance companies

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