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The CFO’s agenda today is challenging. Most CFOs have shifted their focus to more strategic business issues by expanding IT and BPO services to support Business Transformation Initiatives. We enable the CFOs to achieve their business objectives.

Optimizing planning, budgeting and forecasting

  • Improving quality of services by accessing specialized F&A skilled resources
  • Drive Lean Six Sigma & BPR projects
  • Integrate financial data from multiple processes through dashboards

Driving enterprise cost reduction

  • Business insights through analytics
  • Specialized initiatives

Managing and mitigating enterprise risk

  • Better planning, budgeting and forecasting, and continuously fine-tuning everyday financial processes
  • Develop deep business understanding and its expanding mandate

Driving integration of information across the enterprise

  • Integrate financial data from multiple processes through dashboards
  • Big Data and analytics, collaborate closely with customers, and also possess a strong grasp of the digital domain

Strengthening compliance programs/internal controls

  • Perform auditing / compliance functions, including processes and controls to comply with laws, rules and regulations
  • Evaluate controls design, identify key risks, develop & review audits, benchmark financial processes

Managing investor/stakeholder relations

  • Engaging & communicating effectively with investors, suppliers, regulators, & all stakeholders
  • Attaining maturity level so as to provide optimized planning and forward-looking insights

Processing transactions and Cost Reduction

  • Undertake / Expand BPO and Global Sourcing through SSC
  • Leveraging tools to improve metrics and reduce Opex
  • Transaction based pricing model for a variable cost structure

Tech Mahindra provides tailor-made solutions in the F&A space. Our solutions stand on four key pillars of F&A to improve DSO, reduce DPO or Timely closure of books.

Finance & Accounting Business Challenges 

Tech Mahindra’s F&A services offer customers a strategic outsourcing tool to develop a strong financial backbone. Our wide range of services encompasses the entire financial process value chain from accounting to financial analytics. Our proven processes will streamline financial systems delivery, beating rather than meeting industry benchmarks.

FA Services 

Cost Savings 

Tech Mahindra focuses on Client Business Metrics over and above the process metrics, in every proposal it submits, thus making clients rethink their RFX.

TechM BPM team works with operations team to drive valuable Business outcomes to its clients.

Cost Savings Approaches 

CareXa Framework 

CareXa in Order to Cash Processing

CareXa Cash Processing 

Value Proposition 

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Finance And Accounting

Finance And Accounting

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