Our Digital Solutions Insure Your Growth Plans

The rules of the game have now changed and it is not about labor arbitrage anymore, but about:

The connected world is a boon for the insurance industry. The amount of data that they have at their disposal can only help them to optimize premiums, identify fraud claims, predict retention, and do so much more to increase their top line and strengthen their bottom line.

If you have not already thought about adopting digital technologies, here are some fast facts about the industry and its players:

  • Globally 24% of insurance-tech ventures are looking at innovating their
  • 10% of GI carriers have already started implementing IoT-based analytics and processing platforms
  • 30% of insurers worldwide have already implemented AI based cognitive customer experience solutions involving natural language processing, audio/speech analytics, machine learning, and simulation modelling
  • 30% of the insurance companies are block chain ready
  • Group business to see further growth of ~10% due to growth in other sectors and in public sector

The TechM BPS Edge

We have developed solutions to optimize core insurance business processes. We have built niche services to solve insurance industry problems. With our cognitive customer service frameworks, we are connecting man and machine for operational excellence. Our innovative solutions are transforming insurance processes to maximize customer acquisition and fueling growth across retail and group insurance companies.

Solution Highlights:

  • Micro customer segmentation for more effective market campaigns
  • Better cross sell
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Improve customer profitability, satisfaction, loyalty and retention
  • Lower campaign and infrastructure costs
  • Right offer for the right customer

Our Insurance service portfolio includes:

  • FNOL Optimization
  • Claims RPA-Data Entry
  • Claims TAT
  • Claims Leakage Control
  • Claims Forms Analysis
Vendor Consolidation & Expense Management
  • FNOL Optimization
  • Claims RPA-Data Entry
  • Claims TAT
  • Claims Leakage Control
  • Claims Forms Analysis
Digitized Solutions
  • Digitized Document Management Solutions
  • Automated Workflow for B2B Transactions
  • Persistency Management
Underwriting & New Business
  • Customer Acquisition Optimization
  • New Business Document Management
  • Automated U/W Engines
  • Cross Selling Platform
  • Channel/Agent Efficiency Model
  • Product Optimization
  • Sales ROI Models
Robotics & Analytics
  • Claims Payments
  • Claims Communication
  • Market Analytics
Financial Management
Service Desk & Customer Service
Mobilization as a Service
Analytics, IOT solution, Artificial Intelligence-TACTIX, Finance and Accounting Solutions, TEMS

Why TechM BPS?

Servicing over 2,000 product variants including secured and unsecured Managing 4 distinct asset classes on a single system Delivered 6x growth in secured loans Delivered 30% increase in cash collected since on-boarding

£2.6bn annual payment value processed for a UK based client

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