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I Want to Grow My Outsourcing Business – But I Don’t Want More People

Shrinivas Pandey, January 2018

The notion in everyone’s mind is that growth in business means a definite increase in the workforce and unless that happens no business can grow. Some would say that they don’t think that way and probably this is no longer a thought process and it is old school, but if you ask me - this thought process still exists.


AI - Lifestyle Companion or Smart Work Assistant?

Ritesh Idnani, January 2018

It's quite incredible how James Bond manages to get out of a big mess whenever there seems to be no end to his miseries. But somewhere in the plot, he is also privileged in getting access to many futuristic gadgets that are at his disposal.


Innovation is Not Built in a Day

Sagar Paul, December 2017

The first thing that came to my mind when I read about 3M was Scotch tapes and Scotch Brite, things that you can't think about as innovation but they are as genius an invention as a light bulb or AI. These names make you think, no innovation is small, if it finds the correct market and right marketing.