Building Higher Velocity and Balancing it with Stability - Accelerating Innovation through DevOps

Our research says:

DevOps breaks barriers between service delivery disciplines and provides seamless transition, accelerating time to market while improving quality. DevOps is focused on the following goals:

  • Establish a culture of collaboration, breaking down traditional silos and common measures of success
  • Accelerate time to market with customer feedback
  • Maintain current quality while driving improvements for the life of the process through the implementation of DevOps
  • Allow for experimentation – institutionalize the idea of fail fast
  • Automate traditional operational and development responsibilities
  • Leverage platforms to provide turnkey environments

The Tech Mahindra BPS Edge

Enterprises are adapting to meet the ever changing customer preferences and demands.

At TechM BPS we understand how important it is for our customers to adapt to the dynamic customer preferences. However, it is always easy for a customer to adapt to incremental changes, rather than changing the system altogether. Our ADOPT methodology for DevOps helps you deliver excellent and seamless customer experiences for your end customers.

The Five Cs of our DevOps offering are:

  • Continuous Planning
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Continuous Monitoring and Feedback
This framework cuts across a multitude of service offerings:
  • Advisory services: Includes maturity assessment and roadmap, tool assessment, and organizational change management.
  • Implementation services: Includes process modeling, solution map design and roll out, use case development, and deployment.
  • Support services: Includes test environment provisioning, test data management, maintenance of DevOps tools, training, and reporting.
  • Process Delivery Optimization-as-a-Service: Includes hosting service coupled with OPEX offering for software licenses. This also includes also advisory, implementation, and support services.

We are constantly strengthening our DevOps portfolio through an incremental approach of Continuous Innovation and providing value-added services to:

  • Reduce TCO by replacing COTS with open source software
  • Create differentiated solutions/assets/IC across various industry sectors (such as financial services, manufacturing, and healthcare/life sciences)
  • Expand offerings to mobile applications and to applications hosted on the cloud
  • Develop niche offerings e.g. performance engineering and service virtualization assets around SAP and Salesforce

Path to DevOps

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