The Omni - Channel Effect. Multiple Journeys. One Destination - CUSTOMER DELIGHT

It's the digital era now. Darwin would note this as the Next Big Evolution.

Customer behavior has evolved with the arrival of smart phones, tablets and other digital computing devices and enabling digital technologies. Technology is an inherent part of our lives, we use technology to communicate, interact, and manage our daily lives and relationships.

To thrive in this digital age, enterprises are transforming digitally to provide outstanding and intuitive customer experience through various touch points across the customer lifecycle, introduce differentiation, and remain competitive. Customer experience design is the key element here.

The Tech Mahindra BPS Edge

Our industry-leading solutions span the needs of enterprises across industries. We help them enhance customer experience, transform business processes, and create value.


The TechM BPS consulting team comprises of highly skilled and certified consultants, having deep expertise and experience in serving diverse client requirements and help them becoming future ready.

Partner with us to achieve significant improvements over a short period of time and take the leap to improve processes significantly and achieve dramatic improvement in quality and productivity. Re-engineering is the key.

Our analysis covers a wide spectrum of people, processes, technology, and IT framework. We provide complete lifecycle solutions, right from conceptualization and creation, to execution of Lean, Six Sigma Concepts, and ITIL best practices.


CareXa is our in-house developed, proprietary framework that helps our customers to move along Digital CareXa journey.

CareXa is a next-gen digital customer engagement framework to improve customer experience in this digital world. This modular framework consists of tools, platforms, processes, and people.

Our differentiator: It is NOT WHAT we do, but HOW we do it.

We do not just provide a technology or a solution; we own our customers business case. It is designed keeping the end customers in mind.

The BIO Agency

Our strategic acquisition, the BIO Agency, offers digital strategy, service design and customer experience — thus enabling the journey from digital scale to digital experience.

Through the BIO Agency, we bring industry leading customer journey design services to our customers.

Bio Hiveâ„¢

Our BIO Hive specialists co-locate with clients and end customers to create a 360 degree vision with shared perspectives to build truly innovative processes to meet the customers' needs.

Agile Working

We deploy agile methods to re-imagine experiences and produce truly ground breaking work. Our Scrum professionals can help you achieve speed-to-market with greater visibility, higher quality results, less risk, and better cost control.

Customer Insight

We put customers at the heart of our solutions. We mine data, find insights, and customize solutions, making it a win-win situation for both our customers and their end users.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping sets the right approach, by performing user testing during the initial stages, getting feedback, and make changes quickly and drive quality.

Our method of rapid prototyping is changing the rulebook, it includes:

Our varied set of offerings include:

Digital Strategy

Strategic vision is key to helping our clients unleash their digital potential. Using a collaborative approach and our trademarked strategy and innovation processes we create the models and frameworks that will lead them to a new, customer-centric future and provide a strong competitive advantage.

Service Design

We offer service and user experience design across both digital and physical interaction points. Our tried-and-tested processes deliver game changing customer interfaces and experiences. Our proprietary design tools and frameworks deliver robust, practical outcomes.

E-commerce Solutions

Today customers randomly consume services via laptop, tablets, and mobile, Shopping anytime, anywhere, their devices, are now at the heart of the ecommerce experience. With this in mind we use our expertise to create solutions for global brands.

Digital Retail

Our digital retail services extend our customer-first approach to create better, more personalized immersive interactions that create efficiencies for businesses and highly satisfied customers.

Connected Products

Our team of experienced inventors, engineers, and product designers work with us to innovate and create connected products powered by IoT.

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