The significance of a Program Management Office (PMO) in an organization

When organizations chalking down an annual plan to achieve their strategic goals, there is expectation that these goals will be fulfilled by taking various actions via teams across the board. The PMO team has the expertise of executing these plans/ actions - they bring method to madness.

In TechMBS (part of TechMBPS), the Program Management Office is primarily responsible to manage and deliver the Contact Centre Transformation Plan. It is a team that brings the Contact Centre strategy to life. The team has experience in delivering diverse projects like setting a 2000 seater site (in how much time?). Its other targets include the following:

  • Outperform - Requires the Contact Centre to beat its own best target each year to strive for a more stringent number
  • Customer Experience Improvement
  • Driving Efficiency
  • Operating expenditure Reduction
  • Managing people changes
  • Rebranding
  • Operations restructuring
  • New IT systems implementation

The team uses the PMI methodology to execute Projects and all team members are PMP trained or certified. We constantly upgrade our skills by staying current with PMBOK and we were able to successfully implement projects using the Sprint methodology.

The team is looked upon to manage Transitions across domains, work on RFPs and support the wider organization as and when the need arises. The way forward is to offer Project Management as a Service to our clients. As part of the portfolio the team is also responsible for managing Contact Centre Governance which ensures adherence to the contractual obligations. The team is also responsible for managing both internal and external awards.

A good PMO:

  • Provides tangible, repeatable, long-term benefits to the business
  • Aligns with corporate strategy and culture
  • Is agile enough to adapt as strategy shifts
  • Is a key enabler for the high-performing organization
  • Integrates data and information from corporate strategic projects/supports the balanced scorecard
  • Enables sharing of resources, methodologies, tools and techniques for project success across the enterprise
  • Identifies and develops project management methodology, best practices and standards
  • Coaches, mentors, trains and provides oversight for project managers and staff

TechMBS has introduced a program called SWITCH, wherein employees from cross functional teams nominate themselves to spend 3 days observing and learning from another team. The PMO team received the most number of nominations for ‘SWITCH’ which is a testament to the increased interest in the kind of work we do, and boy we will be glad to host you should you want to learn more about us.

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About the author

Krishna Kamat, TechMBS PMO team

Krishna has been with the TechMBS PMO team since 2012. She is PMP certified and has over 8 years of experience in Project Management & Transition, with an overall experience of 15+ years in the IT & ITES domain.

She spends her free time trying to crack the code to becoming a successful trader in the Equity market. She’s a blogger and enjoys reading.

She has two wonderful kids aged 2 & 4.