Robotic Process Automation: Driving Business Outcomes and Transforming Customer Experiences

Is automation - the genie of big businesses or the big bad wolf, threatening traditional business outsourcing?

We say neither.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables enterprises to shift valuable resources from low-skill and reactive tasks to areas that support new business avenues, innovation, and revenue-generating services. But this is just the start. Enterprises moving swiftly to leverage RPA will gain more due to improved efficiency and performance.

The Tech Mahindra BPS Edge

Our RPA solutions help our customers achieve better performance and business outcomes at lower costs. Our innovation team works relentlessly to develop second-to-none technology, integrating analytical and cognitive capabilities. So far we have deployed over 1000 robots to automate front-office and back-office processes for our clients. We ensure top-notch customer experience at reduced cost with security, scale and speed.

Front Office Automation:

RPA implementation has a multiplier effect on customer experience. When bots take over end-to-end processes and continuous monitoring of customer journey, the turnaround time reduces from weeks to hours and transforms customer experiences.

Back Office Automation:

Implementing RPA in back-office enables scalability to create a highly responsive virtual workforce. There is complete traceability of every robotic action and decision and we have delivered double-digit reduction in error rate. Robots work with the existing IT architecture and can be trained by business users.

We have also built strong partnerships with leaders in this space to deliver the best-of-the-breed solutions to our customers.

TechMBPS RPA - Pillars of Success:
  • Transformation through Automation
  • Improved Financial Outcomes
  • Disruption through Innovation and IPs
  • Best-of-breed technology with an eye
    on the future

The Advantages:

  • Automated solution works 24/7
  • Cuts data entry costs by up to 70%
  • Reduces human effort by 20 to 50%
  • Two times faster onboarding through the IDEs
  • Realize ROI in year
  • 100% accurate and completely rule based
  • No added integration costs
  • It’s non-intrusive – has no integrations with the IT applications
  • Industry agnostic – applicable across Verticals and Horizontals

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