Machine Intelligence Redefined

There is a lot of buzz around what AI can do. But in simple language, it helps organize information and makes life easy for us. It can help with complex computations, search for information, optimize processes, process various languages, and suggest better ways of doing things, all in a fraction of a second.

It is an evolving technology which improves performance with each passing day.

The TechM BPS Edge:

We have developed in-house platforms and invested in strong partnerships in the AI space to deliver value to our clients.


TACTiX is TechM’s in-house AI platform. It automates business operations by providing actionable intelligence and insights. It also has in-built Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning capabilities.

How TACTiX helps you change faster and run better?
  • Improved operation metrics and KPIs and reduced mean time for overall diagnosis and repair up to 80%
  • Uses multiple feedback and knowledge systems to continuously evolve and improve call resolutions
  • Improves recommendations using social intelligence and assists SMEs while resolving incidents for rapid closure


We are looking at working together with machines in executing a lot of business tasks. But we need to imbibe that change in our psyche and work towards an AI+iA future where iA is us doing the intelligent augmentation of machines. Entellio was constructed with the following three taxonomic designs in mind:

  • Retrieval based
  • Long-Short Hybrid conversations
  • Closed domain
Entellio uses the following architectural design techniques
  • Extreme simplicity to kick start conversations
  • YAGNI (You ain't gonna need it principle): If a certain component has no value, it's not needed and need not be forced into design of the framework.
  • Separation of concerns: A very well demarcated separation of concerns between the front end, middle ware (machine learning server) and database is maintained to ensure none of the components get intertwined in glue like pattern.

Key Features of Entellio:

  • Connects with customers seamlessly and faster: Within a couple of minutes, the system trains the word vector model and is ready to be utilized within an enterprise.
  • Learns its way through as more and more intents get added and more conversations happens.
  • Does not do NLG (natural language generation): Natural language generation has found bots to become narcissistic and attain a scary personality, and as our domain was solely enterprise, we did not want this to happen. We wanted humans to contribute and tell as to what their customers would see.
  • Quick on-boarding for resolution of L1, L2 and even L3 support issues, thereby saving on OPEX.
  • Works seamlessly in-premise and in the cloud.
  • Is probably one of the few frameworks that come with the ability to support transactions on the mobile and can send a command to any connected/IoT device.
  • Self ranking of answers provided gives easy dashboards to its users.
  • Easily customizable and configurable.

Our Partners

Creative Virtual

Creative Virtual is a leader in self-service customer experience management solutions for enterprises. Their solutions can be deployed across mobile, web, and social media channels to deliver important information quickly and efficiently.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is a cutting-edge AI platform for businesses. It uncovers insights, engages in new ways, aids decision making with more confidence, and do your work better.


Avaamo is a secure chatbot platform built for business users. It is cross platform, HIPAA compliant, secure and encrypted.

Why TechM BPS??

Reduces human effort by 20 to 50% Doubles the speed ROI in <1 year Realizes 20 to 50% 100% accurate and completely rule based
No added integration costs 20% reduction inOPEX% It's non-intrusive % – has no integrations with the IT applications% Industry agnostic – applicable across Verticals and Horizontals

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