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The impact of disruptive technologies on Marketing

Saurabh Pol, March 2018

AI, Machine Learning, Automation, Analytics, Digital, disruption.If you’re in the tech space, these words have taken over your life and if a multitude of experts are to be believed, they’re soon going to take over the world! As a marketer, the pertinent question I keep thinking of “What will be the impact of AI and wider technological advances on marketing Is marketing immune? Or will it adapt and not be disrupted? Will our jobs vanish and most of our functions be automated? Here are a few points that will throw light on thiese contentious questions.


What is GDPR About?

Dhwani Kandu, February 2018

I get spooked when I get cold calls from random companies asking me, “how is your stock trading experience so far” or when I am planning for a trip abroad and get emails from banks offering forex cards to me. Last year my husband submitted documents to open a salary account with a bank and they also used his documents to issue a credit card, without his consent. This would concern many of you too, I am sure.


I Want to Grow My Outsourcing Business – But I Don’t Want More People

Shrinivas Pandey, January 2018

The notion in everyone’s mind is that growth in business means a definite increase in the workforce and unless that happens no business can grow. Some would say that they don’t think that way and probably this is no longer a thought process and it is old school, but if you ask me - this thought process still exists.