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Digitally Disruptive Business Models and Adapting to Them

Sarang Banubakde, May 2018

There is no doubt that digital technologies are changing the way we perceive products and services. These technologies have already disrupted many industries and many other are on its radar. Digital has paved its way to touch every small aspect of businesses.

Business which takes place in the balanced economy, wherein supply meets demands through buyers and sellers, digital is changing the way these businesses operate.


The Service Desk’s Mission – NextGen of EX Management

Rajit Mohan, April 2018

Technology has moved out of the back office to become a critical business enabler. This shift is increasing the pressure on the Service Desk to provide a faster, more flexible service that responds better to the needs of users and the organization. Meanwhile, the relationship that workers have with technology is changing as consumerization has altered users’ expectations of the IT support experiences they should receive at work.


Hyper-personalization – A New Norm in Customer Service

Sarang Banubakde, March 2018

MAC — Mobility, Analytics and Cloud — an abbreviation which has become quite popular these days and reflects the most popular technologies of today. With mobility, plethora of products have gone wireless and can be used on the move. Databases, have evolved from being structured and limited in size to unstructured and scalable to accommodate for data generated by over 4 billion mobile devices across the world. Maintaining such huge database servers is expensive and hence cloud is the first choice for data storage.