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Strategic Alliances and why do We Need Them

Sri Priya Vardhini N, January 2019

Every industry sees a breakthrough in technology, market share and value creation backed by strategic partnerships. Be it manufacturing, IT or FMCGs, the creation of something new that can change the status quo has come with firms working together for their mutual benefit.

A strategic alliance is when company A and company B combine their respective resources, capabilities and core competencies to generate mutual interests in the form of creating value, efficiency in operations or gaining market share...


Selling = Presentation + Prespective

Shriniwas Pandey, July 2018

Think of your favorite dish ( well I would take the example of butter chicken - pardon all vegetarians) and now would you like to eat it in a big deep dish with a spoon which is big & long enough to fetch kites from the sky.

The answer unless you are famished would be a definite NO.

Now another thing that we encounter every day - debates...


Digitally Disruptive Business Models and Adapting to Them

Sarang Banubakde, May 2018

There is no doubt that digital technologies are changing the way we perceive products and services. These technologies have already disrupted many industries and many other are on its radar. Digital has paved its way to touch every small aspect of businesses.

Business which takes place in the balanced economy, wherein supply meets demands through buyers and sellers, digital is changing the way these businesses operate.